Abdul Vas Raison d’être Saloncito Exhibition
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Antonio Ballester Moreno Raison d’être Saloncito Exhibition

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Raison d’être
It is an exhibition about two different ways of dealing with the dissolution of pictorial production settlements. The proposal looks for several poetical strategies,clearing trails and distorting tracks of a deranged visual culture, leading into new insights around the act of painting as well as the effects of perception around the transformation and revalue of the eroded forms of aesthetic attention.

Saloncito Exhibition
Opening: 25 April, 19 – 23 h
Free admission
Salón. C/ Guillermo Rolland, 3, 1º Iz. 28013 Madrid.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 25 , 26 , 27 . April, 19 – 23 h.
Curator: Alexis Callado Estefanía.
Artists: Abdul Vas & Antonio Ballester Moreno
Web: saloncito.tumblr.com