angelslang_bandWe were your typical band;  A bunch of lads who thought; ”What they can do we can” Yeah, Right!

I suppose frustrations are a common thing what you go through when you’re young and full of expectations, but you learn to ride with the punches and ride the rollercoaster, sometimes up, often down.

We all live in Spain, which is as luck would have it, one of the worst countries imaginable for rock bands that sing in English. This contributed considerably to our chances of  “making it”, but sadly only in a negative way.

One example of this rock apathy is that when Keith Richards played here in 1992, he managed a healthy 200 to 300 people at his second gig, the club was almost half- full, so Keith must have been over the moon. Just like we were when our first record “Saints and Stains” came out years ago. Promotion was non existent  and whilst our concerts were well received, things dried up within a year.

Two years ago we came up with “clown after midnight” a record with more compositions from Sergio leon and now there is «Uberrock», the music on it suits the title modestly speaking.

There is some Stones and even some Joe Jackson influences here, some people say we are seventies rock, other tracks are eighties. Who knows..  above all they are original and sound original.

No one ever has admitted to being bored by us though of course whether this was just to avoid hurting our feelings and making us cry, You’ll just have to decide for you’re good old self, Guv’ner.